Welcome to Discovering the Male Mysteries with Mel Mystery. This blog is a supplement to my podcast is for and about gay and bi pagan men. My podcasts are about what it is to be gay, what it is to be pagan, what it is to be men — sometimes as separate topics and sometimes all meshed together as one. I started this endeavor after seeing that there were few, if any, podcasts out there on this topic. The podcasts are informative, and present topics that challenge conventional thinking.

Archive for September, 2012

Getting back into place

The past several years have beat me up big time. I’ve lost two grandmothers and my dad. My mom remarried and my sister’s getting a divorce. I’ve moved multiple times and dealt with less than ideal living situations. And with the introduction of a new boss at my job five years ago, my workload and work stress has increased to the point of sometimes being unbearable. I’ve also been dealing with stress related illness from all the life and work stress.

On the positive front, at least I have a job in this economy and I was able to buy a house last winter (which has also kept me extremely busy).

At the moment I’m trying to get back into place. What I want to be doing are things like this podcast and blog, participating in and/or running a local men’s group, and starting my own businesses in photography and men’s holistic health and fitness.

I’ve decided to rededicate myself to these goals, even though they may be slow and coming and some projects like the podcast will remain on hold at least until I find myself starting the new cycle. It occurs to me that I may be able to periodically make short blog posts from time to time. And while I may not be producing new podcasts, I at least plan to make the previous ones available again online.

Anyway, bright blessings to all my fans.