Welcome to Discovering the Male Mysteries with Mel Mystery. This blog is a supplement to my podcast is for and about gay and bi pagan men. My podcasts are about what it is to be gay, what it is to be pagan, what it is to be men — sometimes as separate topics and sometimes all meshed together as one. I started this endeavor after seeing that there were few, if any, podcasts out there on this topic. The podcasts are informative, and present topics that challenge conventional thinking.

Wolves and Werewolves

Latest podcast now available — Episode 14: The Update Show

In episode 14: The Update Show, I provide updates on what I’ve been up to including:

  • Conferences and gatherings – The Hero’s Adventure, Querent, and Between the Worlds
  • Updates on my book and an LGBT werewolf workshop I’m hoping to do at Marscon
  • My photography
  • My local LGBTQ / Pagan / Alternative website
  • Activism
  • Groups including the New Order of Chaeronea and Order of the Stone Circle
  • My big project – I’m working toward starting a campground / retreat center
  • Personal updates

You can find my show on my website: http://www.melmystery.com, and through iTunes and Podbean.

My Werewolf Book is now available for purchase online

Finally after lots of hard work, editing, revision, and formatting, the final copy of book one of “The Gay Guy’s Guide to Werewolves and Other Man Beasts” is available for purchase online at my online bookstore:  http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/melmystery

It should be available online at major booksellers such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc. within the next 6-8 weeks.  I encourage folks to buy directly from my online store as I will get a better profit back from direct sales.

I will be hosting an official book launch party near the full moon in July. By then it should be available at these major book retailers.


What are the ancient mythical and real world connections between homosexuality, shapeshifting, and shamanism?

This is a book about werewolves and other shapeshifters written from the perspective of a gay, Pagan male.  This first book in an anticipated trilogy of gay werewolf books starts with an overview of werewolf lore and then traces the histories, folklore, and mythologies of werewolves and shapeshifters through a number of cultures.  Wherever possible links between werewolves and homosexuality are made.

Themes include: gender variant gods, goddesses, and heroes with wolf / werewolf associations; homosexual initiations and shapeshifting practices among ancient all-male warrior bands; gender-shifting among shapeshifters; shamans who changed both shape and gender, including many who were gender variant to begin with; animal-human hybrids; and gay and bi positive cultures with stories of werewolves and shapeshifting.

While most of the book focuses on male werewolves, information related to lesbian and transgender folks are scattered throughout the book.  Additionally, there are chapters devoted to she-wolves and gender-shifting.  Since an entire segment of the gay male population identifies with “bears,” a section on were-bears and ancient bear worship is included. There’s a section on Christian werewolves too. To round things out there’s a chapter on other types of were-beasts and human-animal hybrid creatures.

Future books in the trilogy will include information on wolves and werewolves in real life and as totem animals; werewolves as a metaphor for homosexuality and as archetypes for modern LGBT folks; LGBT werewolves in popular culture; modern manifestations of werewolves and shapeshifting; how to create your own wolf pack; and holidays and rituals for the modern werewolf.

Musings on the January 4, 2014 Wolf Moon

Tonight’s January full moon was known to the Native American tribes of North America as the “wolf moon. ” It was called this because in the depths of the cold winter wolves could be heard howling hungrily in distance on these cold winter nights.

I’ve had my own unique experiences with wolves and have since adopted them as an animal totem. I had my first mystical encounter with a wolf in October 2002.

At the time, I lived in an urban neighborhood that was bordered by the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Virginia. I lived about eight blocks from the water. I used to go walking by the river at night to clear my head. On one such night, as a full moon glistened on the river, I returned home from my walk. I was about a block from home and across the street I spied the creature. At first I thought it was a dog, but it was much larger, its snout was longer, its legs longer, and its body lithe and thin. I’d seen wolves on television and in pictures, and this was definitely one of them. A feeling of fear filled me. What if it decided to attack me? It didn’t. In fact, it continued on its way not paying me any mind at all. Then it disappeared into the night. I quickened my step and returned home. Every so often I glanced back to make sure it wasn’t following me. What was this wolf doing loose in the city? Did it escape from a nearby zoo? Was it someone’s exotic pet? Given the full moon, could it have been a true lycanthrope? I’ll likely never know the real answer. All I can say is that the experience filled me with a sense of awe and wonder, and that the experience felt mystical and supernatural somehow.

In the mid-2000s, one of the Pagan men’s groups I was involved in at the time adopted the wolf archetype as a kind of mascot. Many of the members were into wolves. At that point I was kind of borderline; I’ve always been more of a cat person than a dog person if you know what I mean. Not to mention, wolves seemed trendy in the Pagan community and I’ve never been one to follow the trends. At that point, I really wasn’t ready to accept the wolf as a personal totem.

In the fall of 2006, our group went on a field trip to a wolf preserve a couple of hours drive away. The preserve held regular “howling” sessions where it would take groups of people out onto the preserve at night to listen to the wolves howl. The night we went they were pretty quiet. The ranger explained that happens sometimes. Some of the other people in our group weren’t as quiet or reverent as they were supposed to be and this probably spooked the wolves. It was still a fun adventure and I did get to hear the wolves howl by purchasing a CD. The proceeds from the purchase went to the wolf reserve.

The following January, our group decided to do a werewolf ritual that we found in book in an occult library. On the January wolf moon in 2007, we assembled at a private home on the oceanfront in Virginia Beach. There were about five of us. We made a fire on the beach and brewed up the potion and ointment mentioned in the book – among the ingredients were poppy seeds, aloe, henbane, parsley, nightshade, and camphor. Okay, so we may have substituted a few ingredients here and there. Like we used lard instead of the “rendered fat of a cat.” One of our members donned a wolf mask and served as the gatekeeper to the circle. We danced shirtless around the fire chanting “Hail, hail, hail, great Wolf Spirit, hail! A boon we ask thee mighty shade within this circle we have made. Make us werewolves strong and bold…” and other such lines. We tried to keep it as authentic as possible, given the general lack of cat’s fat and bat’s blood. The experience was very surreal. To my knowledge no one actually turned into a wolf or werewolf, but then again who knows.

Over the years, wolves and werewolves have grown on me to the point that I’ve embraced them. Perhaps it’s because of the general increase in popularity of werewolves in the popular media, or perhaps because the experience of werewolves parallels that of being gay. You discover a part of yourself that the rest of the world doesn’t understand and you may even have to deal with scared villagers with torches and pitchforks – I’ve been there and done that and got the t-shirt. As to werewolves in the media, I’ve enjoyed werewolves in such movies as Blood and Chocolate, the Twilight series, Red Riding Hood, the Underworld series, and such television shows as MTV’s Teen Wolf, Syfy’s Bitten, Being Human, the Vampire Diaries, and Wolfblood, as well as countless others that are on my list of things to watch. It doesn’t hurt that many of these werewolves are sexy man beasts.