Welcome to Discovering the Male Mysteries with Mel Mystery. This blog is a supplement to my podcast is for and about gay and bi pagan men. My podcasts are about what it is to be gay, what it is to be pagan, what it is to be men — sometimes as separate topics and sometimes all meshed together as one. I started this endeavor after seeing that there were few, if any, podcasts out there on this topic. The podcasts are informative, and present topics that challenge conventional thinking.

Personal Updates:

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog and my podcasts, you might have noticed I’ve been relatively quiet for a while.  I’m not sure this is exactly breaking news since my blog posts and podcasts have always been sporadic at best.  Even so, I wanted to give folks some updates, especially now that we are in this big Corona Virus pandemic.

First of all, I’m safe and employed.  I work for a university.  We closed for a week and transitioned over to teleworking.  Last week, I had the full week’s vacation that I’ve been putting off for a while and it gave me the chance to take care of little projects around the house that have been nagging at me for a while.  I’ve been staying close to home mostly with periodic expeditions to the grocery store.  I have toilet paper – for now.  I’m nervously hopeful the stores will restock before I run out.

We did have to cancel the Brotherhood by the Bog retreat that was scheduled for last weekend.  I was disappointed, but it was probably for the best.  I’m not sure how this pandemic will affect the Arcadia Gathering in October, but at least we’re still about six month’s out right now.  We have a private campground booked in Northwest Virginia and I’ve been approaching potential keynote speakers for the event.  I had been looking at the possibility of attending a general Pagan gathering this summer – perhaps the Pagan Unity Festival in Tennessee or Fire’s Rising at Four Quarters, but given the current uncertainty I might be gearing up for a summer staycation instead.

My “spare time” the past year or two has been mostly focused on home repairs and improvements and decluttering my life.  Many of you know that I have my heart set on getting my childhood home back.  In order to do that, I need to get the best price for my current house, weed out some of my excess clutter to make a move more manageable, and eventually start job hunting there.  Right now, with the Corona Virus epidemic, I’m happy to have a secure job that allows me to telework.  I know there are so many people living with more financial insecurity than I am right now.  I’m not sure right now is the time for me to start job hunting, but the extra time at home is allowing me to take care of other things that will help me to move forward when the right time comes.

My book writing has been largely on hold since I’ve been spending so much of my time on other priorities.  I do hope to get back to writing soon, and perhaps being home bound will give me more opportunity to write.  For anyone interested, The Gay Guy’s Guide to Werewolves and Other Man Beasts is available from my Lulu store.

As for blogs and podcasts, I have a few ideas for some future blog posts and podcast episodes.  I’m hoping that I can leverage a little more of my time to at least getting out the next podcast which is long overdue.  In times like these, we need to try just a little harder to remain connected.  I know that blogs and podcasts are outlets that folks use to feel connected.

I hope everyone out there is staying safe!

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